How To Add / Install Spell-Checker To Internet Explorer


How To Add / Install Spell-Checker To Internet Explorer

Besides being one of the slowest web browsers around, Internet Explorer is also annoying because it doesn’t come with a spell checker. But we have good news for those that doesn’t like browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Chrome and need a spell-check feature for their Internet Explorer browser.

Not even the latest version of the Microsoft web browser, Internet Explorer 9, comes with a built-in spell-checker. So, IE is the heaven of misspelled words.

But it seems that bad spellers have their reasons to cheer thanks to the Speckie add-on for Internet Explorer. Before downloading  Speckie from here, know that this add-on is compatible with all Internet Explorer versions (even with IE9) and that it does the spell-checking in real time.

The Internet Explorer spell checker does just what the built-in spell-checkers of Mozilla and Chrome, and underlines the misspelled words with a squiggly red line. After you install Speckie, you must restart IE and here you are.

The spell-checker add-on for Internet Explorer also suggests correct versions of the misspelled words, by simply right-clicking the respective word. Have fun, as from now on you won’t do bads when righting emails, Web forms or other stuff in IE.

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