How To Add One Or More Domains In Your cPanel


How To Add One Or More Domains In Your cPanel

If you have a website, if you want to make it public and you want to start your business, please read the following article.

To make that, you must to add a domain to your account. You can simply use the cPanel, where you can add and edit the domain. After that you will be able to start your business.

Here are the steps for How To Add One Or More Domains In Your cPanel:

  1. First you must to register your domain to a specialized company, like:, or

  2. After you register the name, you must to set the name servers.

  3. Now, you must to sign in to your cPanel, using your username and your password.

  4. Click on the “Add On Domains” button, from the index page.

  5. And here, you must to enter your domain name and of course you must to set a password.

  6. Finally you must to click on the “OK’ button to add your domain.

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