How To Downgrade Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 To Android 2.1 Eclair DDJG6 Firmware


How To Downgrade Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 To Android 2.1 Eclair DDJG6 Firmware

If you recall, last time we presented how you can upgrade the Galaxy 3 I5801 firmware to Froyo 2.2 version. Unfortunately for many, this upgrade brought with it some problems and issues such as non-working Live Wallpapers and Chinese scripts, and many others.

Well, since you already had the chance to saw and work with Froyo, now we offer you the possibility to downgrade to your original ROM of DDJG6 2.1 so you don’t experience these problems anymore.


  1. The first thing you have to do is to make sure that the device you try to upgrade is actually the Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801. Then download the Flash kit for Galaxy 3 from here and unzip it. If it asks for a password then you should know that it is

  2. Please DO NOT FORGET that this process will delete all your contacts, music, SMS, images and videos so the best thing to do is to make a backup of all your data before you get started.

  3. It is highly recommended for you to have 100% battery life before start, but if that is not possible, please have at least 75% for a great upgrade process.

  4. Be sure that the Samsung KIES is closed, shut down all antivirus programs and all firewalls.

Instructions on how to downgrade Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 to Eclair 2.1:

  1. Before you start the procedure, please make sure that you follow the instruction exactly as we will present you, and it will take 5 minutes to downgrade the software from the current Froyo 2.2 to the Eclair 2.1 version.

  2. The first thing you have to do is to download the official Eclair 2.1 DDJG6 Package on your personal computer. After the download finished, you need to extract the containing files to your desktop so you can easily access them throughout the process. You will find inside three files named Galaxy3IN.opsOdin_I5801 by Android AdvicesandI5801DDJG6.tar file which is actually the firmware.

  3. After you’ve extracted the files, please remove all memory cards and the SIM card as well from the phone, and enter the download mode.

  4. So you enter the download mode first of all shut down your smartphone. Now hold the Volume Down button and the Home key button in the same time, and then press the Power button until the device turns ON.

  5. When the device will enter the download mode, you will see a blue screen, so that’s ok, don’t worry.

  6. Now go to your PC desktop. Open the Odin application and plugin the Galaxy 3 i5801 to your PC via USB cable and you will notice that in the Odin Multi Downloader the COM Port Mapping block will light yellow.

  7. Go in Odin => Options, and make sure that the Debug Only is unchecked.

  8. Click on the OPS tab and select Galaxy3IN.ops file.

  9. Go to One Package tab and select I5801DDJG6 file.

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