How To Root The Motorola Backflip ( Guide )


How To Root The Motorola Backflip ( Guide )

If you have Motorola Backflip and if you want to root your device, here are some easy steps to do this. This process, the root is very important for your phone, because it will enable your firmware update process. If you do this root, you will lose the phone warranty, but you can “win” the warranty again by unroot your device with Z4Root.

First you must to be sure that you save all your data, by make a backup. You must save your apps, messages, music, pictures, videos, contacts and all personal data. If you don’t do this, after the root process you will lose everything. Simply, sync your device with your computer and create a backup.

Here are the steps for How To Root Motorola Backflip:

  1. First you must to download the Z4Root application to your computer ( unzip the app, and you will receive a .apk file, that you simply copy in your phone – the password for unzip is : ).

  2. You must to copy the .apk file in your device. Simply go to the applications list and tap on the Z4Root.apk file to install in your phone.

  3. After the install is complete, you must to open the Z4Root app.

  4. Now, you have two options: “Temporary Root” or “Permanent Root”.

  5. If you choose “Temporary Root”, your phone will be rooted only to the first restart, and then you will lose the root.

  6. If you choose “Permanent Root”, your device will be permanent root. So, tap the “Permanent Root” button and wait until your Motorola Backflip is┬ácompletely root.

  7. After the root process is finished, you will receive a “Superuser” icon on your phone screen.

Now you are ready to customize your Motorola Backflip phone.

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