How to Seed on Torrents and What Does Seeding Mean


How to Seed on Torrents and What Does Seeding Mean

First of all let me tell you something about the torrent application itself. So you can understand better, I will give you a solid example using uTorrent as my ‘working object’. uTorrent is a powerful BitTorrent client and it’s specially created to consume minimal resources on your computer and in the same time to offer features like other larger torrent clients such as Vuze or BitComet.

The program supports a lot of other clients, great features and plug-ins as well: Teredo tunneling / IPv6 support, UPnP support for all versions of Windows, Protocol encryption (PE), Micro Transport Protocol, Peer exchange (PEX), and many others.

Ok, now let’s get back to our main story and tell you about seeders.Users that are offering a file so others ( peers ) can download it are called seeders. The seeders must have an entire copy of the file which they share, and they can also share torrents much faster because they are not downloading anything. As you probably figured it out by now, if there are more seeders sharing one torrent, the peers are able to download faster.

Now let’s talk a bit about it’s functionality. The hole process begins when a seeder posts a torrent file by using a client application. Only after this, peers are allowed to start the download on the desired torrent file. A torrent client such as uTorrent will offer peers the possibility to upload parts of the already downloaded torrent.

The interesting part is that when a seeder tries to share a file the torrent application will split the torrent file into several pieces and offer them like that. A user who is downloading this torrent can receive random parts of the file.

The great news is that after the download finishes, the client puts the torrent file back together and automatically list it for uploading to other possible peers.

Now it’s time to tell you about trackers. A tracker is set on a server so it will count the number of members connected. They also provide details on which torrent file is available from where and of course the seeders who may share it.

And last but not least, we’ll talk a little about the aspect ratio. The value of this kind of value is calculated by simple divide the amount of data uploaded with the one downloaded.

Low share ratios will be encountered at users that have downloaded more than uploaded and vice versa. Keep in mind that some tracker websites doesn’t allow users with a low aspect ratio in their community.

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