How To Improve / Increase LG Optimus GT540 Battery Life


How To Improve / Increase LG Optimus GT540 Battery Life

In the last period of time, we saw the changes when it comes up to the Operating systems, likings from the Android to the Windows Phone 7 not to forget the phasing out of Symbian OS, by the way it has a super battery power optimization, that’s why Nokia adopted this for its phones, but in the case of the phones which runs on Android we have a lot of complaints about its battery and that is not well optimized and this is really strange because it comes with one of the highest battery powers like 1500 mAh, meaning that is suppose to keep the phone alive at least for a day and a half.

If you are interested how to easily cut down on the battery wastage, here I got a various tips that will help a lot in optimizing your battery for better performance .

The Wallpapers:

The visuals experience goes on the next level, when we talk about either moving wallpapers or in short the live wallpapers.

Every time you use the Live wallpapers it consumes a lot of battery, the reason that this happens is because it moves in a loop.

I know you want to show off the Live wallpapers feature on your phone, but i strongly recommend that you don’t use it daily.

2G than 3G:

Almost every operator has seen that the 3G is knocking at the doors, so is important to look at the needs and the requirements. If you aren’t interested in using the Video Call service or the 3G Data services, instead of WCDMA /GSM select the GSM Mode, this will ensure that you are on the 2G network. In 3G the battery will use is maximum of battery and also will keep on scanning for 3G Coverage frequently.

I suggest you better set your phone into the GSM mode. Go to Applications > Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile networks > Network mode > Choose GSM.

Firmware Update

Very useful to know that the most important aspect of your GT540 Battery is the latest update from firmware, so update now in order to step ahead for the battery optimization.

The update from firmwares comes with solving fixed bugs and not to forget all applications that are optimized to increase the battery life.

Battery Maintenance:

The battery maintenance is crucial. Once in two months you will need to wipe the battery contacts with a piece of dry cloth. Never pull out the battery more frequently, the battery never needs to be put near extreme heat or water if so you risk to spoil or worst even blast the battery.

Don’t charge Regularly:

The bad part is that you usually, tend to put your phone to charge even with 60% of battery charge and this is a bad thing for your battery, if is not so urgent or important to charge, its not advisable to charge earlier.

So short term, if you charge the battery frequently than the potential of 0-25% mark will never be reached, this means that your battery cycle will always remain between 25% – 100% and this will kill the battery faster.

The best thing to do is to wait for the battery to reach 10% of battery then plug it in for charging.

Here you have it in order to save more battery life and increase it, just follow the tips above and leave us comments on how it went for your LG Optimus GT 540.

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