How To Increase / Improve HTC Aria Battery Life


How To Increase / Improve HTC Aria Battery Life

I guess you all need to have better quality and life to last longer, but sadly we never encounter a battery performance that does the job. In this article we will show you how to increase and save battery life the easy way in order to achieve better and longer quality of your HTC Aria phone.

If you did not know the HTC Aria comes with just 1200 Mah of the battery power, which is less if you compare the other handsets, example the Samsung Galaxy S or even Samsung Galaxy S2 which comes with over 1500 Mah of the battery power,no problem for us, we will show you exactly how to save your battery life and how to increase here.

Here are 5 simple tips that will help you easily save the battery life on your HTC Aria Android handsets.

Do not Overcharge the handset battery

We usually intend to access, that’s why you need to ensure that you do not overcharge the battery, you all intent to charge the handsets overnight for not less that 8 hours and this operation is very bad.

Example: Let’s say that your handset charge is between 0-10% this means that the process will take up to 4 hours to charge the battery up to 100%.

VERY IMPORTANT : You never charge more than 4 hours, if your handsets take 3 ore 5 hours to charge up to 100%, then never change this to more or less hours ti will damage not help.

You don’t need to charge Regularly

Usually let’s say your handset indicates that we have 5 total bars of battery meaning that is 100% charge, in this case many handsets users charge even if there are 2-3 bars out of 5 total bars, once again this is very wrong. My advice is that you never charge earlier.

So you intend to frequently charge your battery, then the battery portion or the potential of 0-25% this means that by frequently charging your battery cycle will always remain between 25%. So you want to do a good job, then discharge till the last point or 10% and then plug in to charge.

Use AC charger instead of USB

Noways wherever you go, I’m sure that you see at least one or more computers or laptops, this is way we all tend to keep the handsets pugged in with the USB cord for charging, never do this because the charging via USB, because not to mention is a very slow process to charge but also it’s highly not recommended if your battery is less than 10%.

I hope you understand that if is not very urgent do not use the AC charger.


Here I got plenty tips that you will have to take seriously in order to make your battery last more and efficient :

If you don’t know always turn off the WiFi if you not using it, to do this, press HOME – MENU – SETTINGS – Wireless & Networks.

If you’re not using the actual 3G Service, I strongly recommend you to choose the GSM Mode network, better than to select Dual Mode of the WCDMA Mode which just starts draining the battery much faster than the GSM mode.

Now let’s go to brightness, you need to change the brightness of your handset to automatic and not to the fullest, by the way is set by default, the touchscreen of your handset should be not more that 15 seconds, you don’t need more then that, go to HOME – MENU – SETTINGS – DISPLAY – BRIGHTNESS and SCREEN timeout.

In order to save much more of your battery, is important that You Tube, music listening, programs which runs in your handset including the Sync option plus the Bluetooth all of the previously mentioned needs to be turned off in order to constitutes fair amount of battery drain.

The Camera and the GPS are the perfect candidates to eat up a lot of battery, you need to remember always to switch them off, especially when your battery is low. Go to setting the widget shortcut on the home screen itself, hold on the Home button.

Screen in the blank area and not on any app icon, select Widge – Power – Control.

Go to the home screen to choose the express settings.

Here you have it folks, by following this easy steps you will save on the battery life circle plus you extend the performance on your HTC ARIA handset.

So, by following the above options, you can easily save on the battery life which in turn extends the battery performance too on your HTC Aria phone.

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