How To Split Larger / Bigger RAR Files Using WinRAR


How To Split Larger / Bigger RAR Files Using WinRAR

In case you did not know WinRar has the purpose to archive and is an management program for Windows.

The default format of the software is “RAR” and is similar to the type of compression .ZIP.

With many features, one of the features of the RAR is the ability to broken up over a number of files.

You can find it useful for larger files, in case of slow connections, WinRar allows for large applications to be distributed over a number of smaller downloads for users.

You can break an archive up to the specific size, plus the maximum amount of space that a CD or DVD can hold.

Follow this four steps in order to split big RAR files:

  1. Go to the “Start Menu” button and open WinRar from the “All Programs”

  2. Find the folder containing the RAR file that you need to split.

  3. Now on the file you want to split Right-click and click “Add Files to Archive.”

  4. Search for the “Compression Method” label, is located in the left of the “Archive name and parameters” the dialog will appear on your screen. Now you will see a blank menu plus the label “Split to volumes, bytes”. On the drop-down you need to select a present size, and “CD700: 700 MB” to break it into CD-sized chunks.

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