How To Use The Suggestion Box On The Right On Facebook


How To Use The Suggestion Box On The Right On Facebook

One of the many features of Facebook, is the ability to connect with “friend” and people you are familiar with as well as the people your friends know.

Go to your Facebook page, in the upper right-hand corner you can see in the “People You May Know.”

The People You May Know

In 2008 Facebook added the “People You May Know” box and you will find it in the upper right-hand side of the Facebook home page.

This was born for helping your “Friend”, this tool has the purpose to look at your friends list, the education and the information you posted about where you are working.

This amazing box creates a list of what will be the “very best suggestion” beside the users connected to you through one of the shared users plus schools & workplaces.

Removing Suggested Names

In order to stop appearing in the “People You May Know” box click the “X” and is located next to suggested contact.

So if the user by hose name you click the “x” he will never now you did. Rest assured you will not show up in that person’s box as a person he may know.

How to Remove the Suggestion Box

The engineers at Facebook declared that if consistently clicking the “X” by all of the “People You May Know” suggestions and eventually make the box disappear.

When you log into the “train” you need to click “X” beside each name.

Many programmers have created, free browser add-ons plus not to forget the lines of codes that are supposed to remove the suggestion box, not to forget the on Cre8d Design and MakeUseOf, but in this case the results are not stable so if you use them you are on your own.

The Facebook Suggestion Box

In case of some suggestions to Facebook, just use their “Facebook Suggestion Box” page.

This page has the single purpose, to let the developers at Facebook know your suggestions for them to work on. All the entries are public domain.

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