How To Root LG Optimus 2X P900 ( Guide )


How To Root LG Optimus 2X P900 ( Guide )

Recently the guys from LG have launched their new model, Optimus 2X, in Singapore. And of course you may simply root to unlock it to maximum usage. Read the following article and you will be able to root your LG Optimus 2X device.

Before start the root operation, you must to sync your phone to back up all your personal data like: contacts, messages, applications, pictures, videos, music and other personal things. After rooting process you will be able to restore all personal data. Of course, you may know that you will lose your warranty, but if you do all steps in this guide, your phone will be safe.

And another important thing: make sure that you have installed all your LG Optimus 2X drivers.

There are two ways to root your phone.

Here are the steps for How To Root Your LG Optimus 2X (first method):

  1. You must to download in your computer the SuperOneClick app.

  2. Extract the files (password:

  3. Now you must to put your LG Optimus 2X in USB Debugging Mode: Applications – Settings – Applications – Development – select USB Debugging Mode.

  4. Now, connect your phone with your computer by USB cable.

  5. Open the extracted folder SuperOnceClickvx.x.x-Short Fuse and open the SuperOneClick.exe file.

  6. And finally you must to click on the “Root” button and wait until the rooting process is ready. Your phone will restart in this process.

Here are the steps for How To Root Your LG Optimus 2X (the second method):

  1. If you don’t like the first way to root your LG Optimus 2X, you can try this way. Download z4root application and extract the .apk file to copy in your Android phone (use the same password like the┬ápreviously step 2).

  2. Now copy z4root.apk file in your Android phone, search the copied file in the phone files and click tap to install it.

  3. After the installation is finsihed, you must to open the z4root application.

  4. You will be able to choose two options: the temporarily root or the permanent root.

  5. If you choose Temporarily root, you Android phone will be rooted until the first restart.

  6. And if you want the permanent root click on the “Permanent root” and wait after the process is ready.

After the reboot is completed, you will see a new icon, “Superuser”, that will be put on your desktop. So, your LG Optimus 2X has been successfully rooted.

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