How To Pin Programs / Apps To Windows 7 Taskbar


How To Pin Programs / Apps To Windows 7 Taskbar

If you have Windows 7, you may know that you can have a lot of features. One of this features is to pin your programs in the task bar. It is very practically because if you must to use a program, you can access it without search. It is very easy and if you want to know how to pin a program in your task bar read the following article.

Here are the steps for How To Pin Programs / Apps To Windows 7 Taskbar:

  1. First you must to start the program that you want to pin in your task bar.

  2. Now in your task bar will appear the program icon.

  3. Press right click on the program icon from your task bar.

  4. And finally you must to select the “Pin This Program To Taskbar” option.

And that is all. Your selected program is now in your task bar.

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