How To Root Samsung Galaxy S Running On Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread XXJVK Firmware


How To Root Samsung Galaxy S Running On Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread XXJVK Firmware

Before we shall start, let me tell you, and please remember, that by rooting your device you will loose warranty, and you should do this only if you are looking to run non-market apps, which can work only on rooted devices.

Another important fact that you should consider before doing this is that this process isn’t recommended for locked devices because it may crash due to deleting some critical system files. First of all please make sure that your contacts are synchronized with your Google Account, and also backup all your apps, sms, videos and music because they will be deleted in the process.

Okay now, first of all be sure that your device is running on the latest firmware of XXJVK 2.3.3, because in other case you’ll brick the device. On the first hand download this files ( which can be found in the Rooting Package for XXJVK ; password: ) :

  • CF-Root-XW_OXX_JV1 kernel

  • Kernel XXJVK

  • Odin3

Okay, now follow the below guide on how to root Galaxy S with Android 2.3.3 XXJVK Firmware:

  1. After the download finishes, please extract CF-Root-XW_OXX_JV1-v1.3-BusyBox-1.17.1_NO-CWM on your personal computer so you can obtain a .tar file.

  2. Now enter Kernel XXJVK and select the ‘Extract’ option.

  3. Shut down your device and wait until it vibrates ( the phone if off completely now ).

  4. Now you have to start your device by pressing volume down button and the Home key button in the same time + power button of course.

  5. Now enter Odin, and you have to be sure that options such as ‘Re Partition’  is not checked and also keep the original options such as ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F:Reset Time’.

  6. Go to the PDA tab in Odin and select CF-Root-XW_OXX_JV1-v1.3-BusyBox-1.17.1.tar.

  7. Now click the flash option and the process will start, which will take a few minutes to complete.

  8. Now you will notice that the phone has been rooted.

  9. After this process is complete, go into the download mode because you need to flash the XXJVK Kernel again.

  10. Open Odin app again, connect your smartphone to the computer via USB and click on the ‘Reset’ button, and in the message box you will notice the ‘Added’ notification is there.

  11. After selecting the required options, click on the ‘PDA’ button and go to the unzipped ‘Kernel XXJVK.tar’ and click on the start option, wait for the process to complete and there you go, you’re finished.

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