How To Improve / Increase Battery Life On Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801


How To Improve / Increase Battery Life On Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801

I guess there are many of you that have experienced issues with your battery life. I also know that all of you want your device to stay charged as long as possible. Anyway, few are the cases when it’s a battery fault, as almost all the times it’s the fault of the device’s user. Today we will talk about how to increase your¬†Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 (Apollo) battery life. There’s nothing to complicated, all you have to do is take in consideration some simple tips.

As you probably noticed, the now-days phones battery does not last too long, mostly because the parts technology evolved so much, while the battery¬†technology¬†improved only a little. Anyway the battery life is also shortened by the smartphone’s operating system. Just take a look at phones like Nokia or Sony Ericsson: they don’t have battery life issues, mostly because they are not using an evolved OS, like Android, iOS or Windows Phone 7. Because¬†Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 (Apollo) is using Android 2.1 as OS, of course the users have complained about short battery life. Talking about OS, one of the ways of increasing¬†Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801′s battery life is to upgrade it to¬†Android 2.2 Froyo.

Charge Your Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 Properly

The battery charging pattern is very important when it comes to battery life. So, improve your¬†Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801′s battery life by “smart charging” it. Don’t charge your device frequently. It’s not¬†recommended to charge your¬†Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 when the battery level dropped below 10%. Anyway it’s understandable to recharge your device if you want to go out and you are sure that your battery won’t last until you come back, but don’t do that frequently. Once more, it’s best to charge your Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801′s¬†battery only when it dropped under the 10%¬†threshold.

Use AC Charger Instead of USB Charging:

Charging your¬†Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801′s battery via the USB data cable plugged in to your PC / Laptop. It’s best to use the factory AC Charger for this action, also being the method the manufacturer¬†recommends. In fact it was proven that charging your battery using the USB cable it damages¬†your battery‚Äôs capacity over the long period of time, because of the AC fluctuations of the USB port.

Other Tips For How To Improve Your Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 Battery Life:
  1. Avoid pulling out the battery too often

  2. Keep your Wi Fi connection turned on only when you use it. Turn it off by going to HOME > MENU > Settings > Wireless & Networks, then taping it to turn off.

  3. Turn 3G off if you are not using it a lot. Switching to GSM Mode would significantly improve your¬†Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801′s battery life. The 3G mode shortens your battery life by about 25%

  4. When not in use, also turn off Bluetooth and Sync

  5. Another way of improving your battery life is keeping your screen less brighter. Make sure is not at full capacity. Do this by going to HOME > MENU > Settings > Display > Brightness and Screen timeout

  6. Remember to turn off GPS or Camera after used, as they are also big battery eaters.

See? It’s not the hardest thing in the world to improve the¬†Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 battery life. Follow the tips above and you will be able to notice big improvements in your device’s battery life. Take care!

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