How To Root The HTC Desire HD Temporarily Or Permanently ( Guide )


How To Root The HTC Desire HD Temporarily Or Permanently ( Guide )

One of the most better phone of those from HTC is Desire HD. But a lot of the HTC Desire HD users don’t know that they can root their devices very easy.

The “Visionary” app was supposed to root the HTC Desire HD phone, but the application created some issues to the registry entries. If you want to don’t have “surprises” and if you want to correctly root your HTC read the following article.

The root is very important for all users that want to play with more their Android phone, even if the rooting lose the phone warranty. You can root your phone in two ways: a temporarily root and a permanent root. The difference between the two ways of rooting is that the temporally rooting is active until the first phone restart (an disadvantaged way) . So, we present you the permanent root for your HTC Desire HD.

Don’t forget to make a back up to save your contacts, your messages, your pictures, your music, your applications and all your personal data, because after root process you may lose it. Of course if you have the “beautiful” Visionary app, you must to uninstall and remove it.

Before to start the root make sure that your phone and your PC have the following requires:

  • your phone current firmware must to be 1.32.405.6 and not 1.72 or 1.75. But if you have the 1.72 or 1.75 versions you must to downgrade to the 1.32.405.6 version. You can also verify the firmware from your phone: Settings > About Phone > Firmware Version.

  • your battery must to be fully charged or least 75%;

  • you must to download in your computer this file: ADB Setup;

  • download gfree in your computer and extract it in your computer;

  • and finally download the temporary root package in your computer and extract it. Install the application that called “Terminal emulator” form Android Market Place.

How To Root Temporally Your HTC Desire HD:

  1. First you must to copy the downloaded file: “Temporary Root Package” to the “Platform Tools” ( in the Android SDK ).

  2. Then you must to put your device in the USB Debugging Mode( going to “Applications” > “Settings” > “Applications” > “Development” > “USB Debugging” ).

  3. When your computer enter in Command Prompt, you must to enter the following commands:

    • adb push su /sdcard/su

    • adb push Superuser.apk /sdcard/Superuser.apk

    • adb push rage /data/local/tmp/rage

    • adb push busybox /data/local/tmp/busybox

    • adb push root /data/local/tmp/root

    • adb shell chmod 0755 /data/local/tmp/*

  4. Now, after see “Forked #### childs”, you have to press on the “Menu” button and then to select “Reset Term”.

  5. And finally you must to open again the Terminal Emulator which will force this time, and as it finished the driver installation you must to open the same again in the same time. So, you have successfully rooted your phone temporarily.

How To Root Permanent Your HTC Desire HD:

  1. First you must to copy the gfree package contents to the platform-tools in Android SDK folder.

  2. Now you must to put your phone in USB Debugging Mode.

  3. Connect your HTC Desire HD to th computer with the USB cable and open the Command Prompt.

  4. In command prompt you must to enter the following commands:

    • adb push gfree /data/local

    • adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/gfree

  5. Now you have to launch the installed application on your device, the Terminal Emulator app, that you downloaded from Android Market Place and you must to type and run this commands:

    • /data/local/gfree -f

    • sync

    • /data/local/tmp/root

  6. After this you will receive an unexpected error, that you must to ignore it and wait for the same process.

  7. You will receive another error of “Powercycle the eMMC”, because your HTC Desire not support gfree v0.04.

  8. You must to download the gfree 0.02 version and then follow the instructions procedure again from the start.

Now, you have successfully rooted your HTC Desire HD permanent.

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