Angry Birds Cheats And Walkthrough Videos ( Guide )


Angry Birds Cheats And Walkthrough Videos ( Guide )

Angry Birds by Rovio rocks the game world market since its release in 2009 and considering that over 200 million people worldwide have played this amazing game.

At first, Angry Birds has been released in 2009 and it can be played on Maemo Nokia N900, iOS, Android, Symbian^3, Palm webOS, PSP / PlayStation 3, Mac OS X and for Windows XP and 7. In 2010 Rovio announced that the work on Angry Birds for Facebook has been started and that in the near future you will be able to play Angry Birds straight from your Facebook profile. And considering the fact that Facebook has more than 600 million users active, then you will understand why Rovio did this. They’ve said that this is the most challenging project for the Angry Birds game and I’m sure that it will be a sure success.

This post contains info about Angry Birds cheats and walkthrough videos that you should use if you wish to complete all Angry Birds levels. The levels in the First theme are somewhat easier to complete, but as you progress and get to Theme 2, 3 and so on, you will notice that levels are pretty challenging and in case you can’t complete them, then you should try and open the links posted in this article to learn how to successfully complete all levels and themes in Angry Birds. Also, for the first levels in Episode 1 you will find the walkthrough videos that allows you to complete the levels with 3 stars. So, enough info has been given about the Angry Birds game, now you should follow the links listed below as those are all Angry Birds Walkthrough Video links and you need follow the instructions in presented in them to complete all Angry Birds Levels:

Angry Birds. Episode 1 – Poached Eggs. Walkthrough Videos

The links listed below are all official and following them you will manage to complete all levels with 3 stars.




Angry Birds. Episode 2 – Mighty Hoax. Walkthrough Videos



Angry Birds. Episode 3 – Danger Abover. Walkthrough Videos

I hate all levels in this episode, because I’ve pulled a few all nighters while attempting to complete them and, I hope that whoever created the levels in Danger Above is happy that he managed to make me wish to smash my smartphone against the wall, endless times. So, below you can find all links on how to successfully complete the Danger Above Episode.




  • Angry Birds Walkthrough Videos for Levels : 8-1 / 8-2 / 8-3 / 8-4 / 8-5 (Official Links)

  • Angry Birds Walkthrough Videos for Levels : 8-6 / 8-7 / 8-8 / 8-9 / 8-10 (Official Links)

  • Angry Birds Walkthrough Videos for Levels : 8-11 / 8-12 / 8-13 / 8-14 / 8-15 (Official Links)

Angry Birds. Episode 4 – The Big Setup. Walkthrough Videos

This level adds the new big red bird aka Big Brother. The pigs have managed to build bigger and more stable structures and in order to destroy them, the smaller birds have decided that it was the time for the Big Brother to come to their help.


  • Angry Birds Walkthrough Videos for Levels : 9-1 / 9-2 / 9-3 / 9-4 / 9-5 (Official Links)

  • Angry Birds Walkthrough Videos for Levels : 9-6 / 9-7 / 9-8 / 9-9 / 9-10 (Official Links)

  • Angry Birds Walkthrough Videos for Levels : 9-11 / 9-12 / 9-13 / 9-14 / 9-15 (Official Links)



Angry Birds. Episode 5 – Ham ‘Em High. Walkthrough Videos

Ham ‘em High is the fifth Angry Birds episode and all the action takes place in the Wild West. The name of this new level pack comes from the classic western movie Hang ‘Em High starring Clint Eastwood. Completing all the levels in this Episode means that you have finished the Angry Birds game.




Now you should easily complete and finish all the levels in Angry Birds game. Also, as you know there some other things hidden within Angry Birds like the Angry Birds Golden Eggs locations which can be found here.

Using some these links helped me complete the levels in Angry Birds, but I can’t say that I’m too proud about the fact that i had to cheat in order to do it.

The instructions in this post and the walkthrough videos will work for all Angry Birds versions, so it doesn’t matter if you play it on Android, iOS, Maemo or PC, you can use these videos to complete levels on all gaming platforms. Enjoy.

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