How To Increase The Battery Life On HTC Desire


How To Increase The Battery Life On HTC Desire

HTC Desire comes with a 3.7 inches screen and with a 1400 mAh battery power. Even the HTC company said that you can talk up to 390 minutes or the phone can stay in standby for 360 hours, Desire hardly delivers these numbers and it is hard to keep the battery life so long. So, if you read the following article you can be able to keep and increase your HTC Desire life battery.

Here are the steps for How To Increase Your HTC Desire Battery Life:

  1. First you must to use darker wallpapers, because if you use lighter wallpapers, your phone use higher battery life. Try to use black wallpapers, because you will save battery with 10%.

  2. Now try to use the Power Saving Mode, and here reduce the brightness of the screen, because if the phone automatically adjust the back light according to the light intensity where you are, the consumption of the battery is higher.

  3. A third way to save your battery life is to saving tips. Everyone of us love the flash from the phone, but your battery life will increase if you deactivate the LIVE wall feature, because this is a bigger consumer of your HTC phone.

  4. Now you must to put your HTC Desire in GSM Mode. It is true that we live in a 3G age, but the 3G Service will “kill” your battery. You can use in Network Mode the Dual Mode(GSM / WCDMA). Here you will be able to chose and select the GSM Mode or if you want to make a video call you can select WCDMA Mode.

  5. Another way to extend your HTC Desire battery life is to turn off the unwanted apps. The Android operating system is famous for the simultaneous use of applications. But if you clear the RAM from the task manager will save a little battery. The biggest battery drainers are the GPS and the WiFi. So you can turn off when you don’t need them. Turn off WiFi like that: HOME-MENU-SETTINGS-Wireless & Networks.

  6. And finally you must to clean your battery because like the human the battery requires maintenance. Once in two months you must clean your battery with a dry piece of cloth.

Now your HTC Desire battery will have a longer life and you can use your phone like the HTC company specifications.

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