How To Unlock All Angry Birds Levels Free On Android Smartphones


How To Unlock All Angry Birds Levels Free On Android Smartphones

All of us love the most downloaded mobile game in the world. The guys from Rovio did a good job and created an app that “kills” our free time. But if you play Angry Birds on Android you must know that if you will stuck on a level, a level that will makes you very angry, a solution existing. Of course, you can ask your friends, or you can search the videos for each level, but it is hard.

The easier solution is to open the Android Market and download the “Angry Birds Unlock All Levels” app, a free application. You must only tap in the search box: Angry Birds Unlock and you will find the app.

After you found the app, you must tap on it and then tap on the “Free” button to download the application. Then you must to tap “OK” to¬†Accept¬†permission and to get Full internet Access to get your location and also you can modify / delete SD card contents.

After you download and install the Android app you must to open it. Very important: your Android device must to be rooted, because if your phone is not rooted it won’t work. Also you will need phones busybox and you will need a SD card. Finally tap on the “Unlock All Levels” option and after that all Angry Birds levels are unlocked. Now you can play any level from any world.

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