How To Earn / Make Money On Facebook 


How To Earn / Make Money On Facebook 

Did you know that Facebook is approaching 650 million users? With this amount of massive users the entrepreneurs, saw an huge opportunity to make cash. Picture this : if you make just one penny from six Facebook users then you will make over a million dollars, wow ! This commerce is more alive then ever.

$250 in 2011 :  Social Times Industry experts tells us that the volume of transactions for the physical goods in 2011 will reach the top.

The retail revenue generated by this amazing commerce in 2011 are pretty closer to the $75 million to $100 million not bad at all.

So here it is, now more than ever is time to get evolved in this amazing trend of transactions on Facebook.

I got just the thing for you readers out there : if you want to earn, an extra easy way to make cash here are ten ways for you that will help you to make cash on your Facebook page:

Make a custom tab with an opt in offer

One great outlet for making your email list. Common internet marketing phrase is “the cash in the list.”

Static FBML app gives you access to insert custom fbml & html in to a tab on any Facebook page.

We used the app to install on opt in from handing away a free Social Media eBook on our Facebook page.

TabPress is an new app that makes creating fan pages with fan only content a breeze.

This TabPress is made with the new Facebook iFrame framework and it should be supported for the future.

Make way for this amazing market place on Facebook – Sell on Facebook

You remember the good old ebay, well Facebook Marketplace is like that but for Facebook.

Go ahead and use this giant Marketplace to sell, buy or rent almost anything now.

Facebook description of Marketplace:

Now with this pretty great Marketplace you can give away, sell, buy, rent, ask or search for anything.

It can be used also for charities by selling for a cause.

Is easy very easy to see what your friends have posted and ho is available in your area.

You can be amazed by how much potential holds using marketplace for job search in case you didn’t know over 625.000 jobs are available now, talking about good job opportunities !

Like buttons – Install in your opt in and sales pages

It helps you a lot when you install a Facebook Like Button. You can get literally hundreds of people to share links to my opt-in pages.

For example my Facebook Course opt-in has been linked over 70 times.

The more likes you get the more traffic you make, and you can customize the way the Facebook Like will look. They will be posted to users on your wall.

Daily posts on your page with Links to your web

There are apps like RSS Graffiti with the purpose to post from your RSS to your Facebook wall i need to post my Facebook page manually.

With posting manually you will optimize the image that you post and tweak the descriptions that are posted as well.

Okay so you posted all contents from your blog to your Facebook page, this will send plenty of traffic to your site.

You will get more users to sign up for your list, then you can manage to get them interested in any of your products or services you might have to sell.

Start engaging on your Page

The healthy way for getting a massive community of fans, that will become future costumers for your sells is by engaging on your Page.

There are more than one example for this operation but here is one that I thing is doing a pretty good job: Brian Solis.

Brain responds to almost every comment he gets, and he pays attention to his Page. The results are amazing, he gets many comments every day.

Another web celebrity that makes profit, success and he is proof that passion, prolific content and engagement works is Gary Vaynerchuk.

The Facebook store on your Page

Here is a great way to start that capitalize that we all love so much today, on the simple idea that many of you fans out there are ready and willing to buy stuff, your stuff !

So if you have the products and the ideas, all you need to do is to start your Facebook store now.

I’ve got a perfect example and is just one of the many, many more of this page mega commerce : Starbucks sells gift cards on their page.

Go ahead and start a Facebook page customization company

Here you have it : there are more than a million businesses right now who daily are seeking to improve their Facebook presence, but do not know how to do this.

If you have the skills to create custom Facebook pages solutions you can achieve a pretty deal of benefits plus the healthy profit in the process.

I believe i got your attention with the customization process, so if you want to learn some powerful skills in Facebook customization, sign up to the free Facebook Course and there you will have, shared videos explaining how to build strong Facebook in this coming week.

Facebook ads can make sales

In case of having products that can drive highly qualified traffic with Facebook ads.

The Facebook advertising tips article, is used to make you learn more about Facebook ads, so here it is check it up.

Create sales as an Affiliate

By promoting you can earn healthy commissions, Clickbank is a massive digital marketplace with thousands of information products.

In the clickbank marketplace you will find a “Like” button beside every listing and simply clicking on it you will share and feed any product you like.

If the product is purchased because of your links, bang you will earn a commission. On clickbank the commission is very high, up to 40-75% rage.

Become a SMC (Social Media Consultant)

Did you know that millions of businesses are ready to get started in chapter of social media and there is a raid market ready, for users that can offer training and execute campaigns.

I got plenty of friends who have been able to do a great job with campaigns.

The training program called Let’s get Social is available for users seeking training that will and help them to learn how they can find clients and start earning cash as social media consultant.

We’ve tried the methods above and guess what almost every single method works 100%.

The greatest tool available to getting users on your web is definitely Facebook.

If you convert those web visitors into buyers than you got something ales, but leaving Facebook for traffic growth then my friend you are directing exactly to th right direction.

Did you ever make cash with the help of Facebook ? Do you believe this is possible ? Enjoy and let us know in the comments how you did spend your fresh new earnings from Facebook’s ways.

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