How to Flash, Root & Install Clean ROM on Xperia X10


How to Flash, Root & Install Clean ROM on Xperia X10

If you are among those that have a Sony Ericsson Xperia 10, find out that this is the luckiest day for you because we will show you a great app specially created to root, un root and also clean the ROM very quick so you can optimize the smartphone to work faster and improve performance.

The tool is actually called FlashTool and now it can be used for all the SE Xperia X10 phones and it’s packed with many great features such as rooting the phone, flash an original Android 1.6 or Android 2.1 image, Busy Box, xRecovery, Modify ROM, so you can customize it as you like.

By using this tool, users will also have the possibility to customize the RAM with other apps, edit the /system/build.prop file, and optimize with JIT v2 compiler. The bad news is that FlashTool won’t allow users to install custom ROMs because it currently supports only Android images.

The great news is that besides this little inconvenient, you can use it to install xRecovery, which can be further used to install custom ROMs into the smartphone. Before the actual process of flashing, set your device to Flash mode.

This new flash tool application comes packed with an easy-to-use tool featuring a nice interface. Keep in mind that you will ‘work’ with system files, so be careful not to delete absolutely anything. Download FlashTool 0.2.5 and enjoy.

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