How To Upgrade Samsung’s Captivate SGH i897 To Android 2.2 Froyo


How To Upgrade Samsung’s Captivate SGH i897 To Android 2.2 Froyo

If you are an owner of Samsung’s Captivate phone SGH i897 this is the article you must read because the time when you will be able to upgrade the Android device has come. You are already used with the old Android 2.1 Éclair OS in your phone and you probably have waited the 2.2 upgrade for some time now. But before doing so, there are some things you must do:

  • Be sure that you do this firmware upgrade on a 32 bit Windows version (Windows Xp, Vista or 7 are all ok)

  • Also be sure your battery is fully charged before starting the upgrade. Keep and USB cable and the Kies Mini Software package nearby

  • Take notice that once you start the upgrade the phone data will be deleted. So, before starting make sure you have a backup made in your computer or whatever you may think of. Also removing the SD card and the SIM is highly recommended before proceeding with the update. This is not a must have but this is the best way to be sure no data is lost from the SD card.

  • Go and download the latest version of Kies Mini from the linked provided here.

Installation of Kies Mini:

For the ones of you who are using this Kies Mini program for the 1st time don’t get afraid, there nothing hard about it! 1st download the program from the link and install it. Simply follow the instruction provided by the installer (it’s mostly a classical next, next install). When the installation is done simply restart the computer or laptop.

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging and there you will find the “USB Debugging” mode that you need to enable. This is done by simply taping the name.

  2. Now simply plug the USB cable in your device and connect it to the computer. Your device will be detected as a new hardware and it will be installed very fast.

  3. Simply unplug the cable from the phone and shut down the device. Simply keep pressed both the volume up & down keys while inserting the data cable. This will enable the device to enter a Downloading mode in which the computer will start to install the rest of the driver files. There will be some moments when Windows won’t find the drivers, simply let the OS search for them online. Once you notice the computer finished, unplug the device, remove the cover and remove the battery. Now put the battery back and the cover and power on the device and restart your computer.

How to update Captive with Froyo step by step:

  • Open the Kies Mini program and plug the USB cable into your phone.

Updating Creative To Froyo

  • Once you opened the Kies Mini there is the possibility to upgrade the phone as showed in the picture bellow.

Updating Creative To Froyo

  • Clicking on the Phone upgrade will bring up a caution statement that I recommend to read carefully. Now simply check the usual “I have read and understood…” thingy and then click the Upgrade button.

Updating Creative To Froyo

  • When you hit the Upgrade button the software will try and connect to the server and will start getting all the binary files which are needed for the update to begin. This will be done according to what internet speed you have. The progress can be watched trough the progress bar showed in the picture bellow.

Updating Creative To Froyo

  • After the download of the files is complete the update of the mobile will begin and at this step be careful to not pull somehow the USB cable from your computer.

Updating Creative To Froyo

  • You have reached the end of your journey. Click the Ok button and the update is complete.

Updating Creative To Froyo

Now all you have to do is disconnect the cable from the phone. Notice that on the phone, USB Debugging should be disabled. To have this done press the Menu key and go Settings. The steps that are needed to be fallowed are: to Settings > Applications > Development > and simply tap on USB debugging. Congratulations on having updating your smartphone to Android 2.2 You are now one of millions of proud owners who are enjoying this Google Android 2.2 Froyo OS!

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