How to Record / Track Phone Activity with Friday App


How to Record / Track Phone Activity with Friday App

Think if you could have a log of everything you do in your phone. A very easy way to keep your data of: phone calls that you make or that you receive, your text message, your mails, the places that you visit and and also your music melodies that you listen in your phone.

Last week, a new application for Android phones has been launched, a application that will help you to make the same thing without any hassle.

In this app, if you receive a phone call, a new message in your inbox or if you click on a picture, every operation will be automatically recorded. The app stay always in background and wake up soon as you do something.

If you need a list of your contacts interaction, you can put her or his name in the search box. Or you can select a particular date, to find the contacted persons from that day. You can also see the pictures that you click(the location), and also the exchanged mails and more.

Very important: all the logs will be stored in the phone and thought the app does ask for Internet access in installation time, because is the only required for photos geo-location on Google Maps. The dashboard of the application is password-protected.

This application is absolutely free and supports Android 2.1 or later.

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