How to manually update Cydia to the latest version


How to manually update Cydia to the latest version

The mother of all wanted applications, Cydia, needs to be frequently updated to the latest version, to ensure everything is running great on your iDevice. From time to time, Saurik releases a new Cydia version, which commonly comes with bug fixes, iOS compatibility and other features. Only those who upgrade benefit from this fixes, so make sure you are one of them. In the following lines we will show you how to manually update to Cydia 1.1, the latest version at this time, but these steps can also be used for future versions.

To properly get started, let us introduce Cydia, the application portal. Cydia is a free program developed by Saurik. For most of you, this software is the main reason why you jailbreak a device. Usable only on jailbroken devices, Cydia gives users access to free and paid applications, developed by a large scale of iOS users. Using it, you can basically get access to really nice apps, with great benefits.

Manually updating Cydia is a short process that has lots of benefits. Let’s take as example users who will upgrade to the 1.1 version. You will enjoy a redesigned UI, a faster browsing and searching experience and last but not least, a more stable version. Crashes won’t happen as often as in the past, so I guess this could be a big plus. Expanding the improved search concept, Cydia 1.1 has a redesigned search algorithm. Going technical, Cydia 1.1 will use less memory to run, while better handling broken repositories.

As a downside, when manually updating Cydia, sometimes the default packages will be erased. This also happens with 1.1, because from now on they will be used differently. To get things back going, all you have to do is to add those old sources once more. Now let’s get down to business.

Cydia 1.1 logo

How to update Cydia to the latest version
  1. Open Cydia.

  2. Navigate to “Changes”.

  3. Click on the “Refresh” button and Cydia will download new packages ( if any ).

  4. At the “Essential Upgrade” screen, tap the “Complete Upgrade” option and the update process will begin.

  5. When asked, confirm the Cydia update and then wait.

  6. After reading the “Complete” message, close Cydia and restart the device.

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