How to Disable / Remove / Hide Facebook Ads and Advertising


How to Disable / Remove / Hide Facebook Ads and Advertising

Some of our readers have asked us how to get rid of the annoying Facebook ads. And if you are reading this article you are probably experiencing the same issue.

Facebook is the greatest social network and the second largest website¬†in the world, so now it’s more of a business than a place where you can keep up your friends updated, enjoy the free applications or play one of the many addictive games there. And because advertising is one of the easiest ways of making money, Facebook is full of ads and¬†advertising.

But, fortunately you can block them using some specialized ad blockers. It will be a lot more easy for the ones that visit Facebook using Mozilla Firefox web browser, as Greasemonkey have developed an add-on for Firefox that blocks the Facebook ads. Of course, you can as well use a specialized ad blocker such as AdBlock Plus. The Greasemonkey add-on allows Firefox users to block the Facebook ads and advertising, by simply hacking some scrips.

All you have to do is download Greasemonkey Addon, then install it in Mozilla Firefox. After the installation is complete restart Firefox. Then all you have to do is install one of the following user scripts:

  • If you want to get rid of the annoying banner ads, and sponsored items in news feed and sidebar, simply install the¬†Remove All Facebook Ads user script.

  • NoFacebookAds helps you disable¬†Facebook flyer and Facebook network adverts

  • Hide Facebook Ads basically does the same as the¬†NoFacebookAds user script, only it also hides the ads¬†on Facebook left sidebar on homepage¬†or profile page

  • Cipher‚Äôs Facebook Remove Ads or¬†Facebook Companion these two scripts completely hide Facebook ads, Facebook Companion using the¬†original source¬†code.

  • NoPirateQuestAds is rather a protective user script, keeping the¬†ads for PirateQuest away from your Facebook wall.

But you can solve the annoying ads issue even more easy. You can install¬†Adblock Plus, which basically blocks all kinds of ads, everywhere on the internet. But Adblock Plus won’t work with Internet Explorer, so if you are a IE user, we recommend¬†Adblock Pro 1.4.

So why not making your internet experience more relaxing, and keep those ads away from you?

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