How To Find Similar Images Using Google Site Search


How To Find Similar Images Using Google Site Search

Google Images has a very good option (“similar images”) that helps you to quickly find other images similar to what you’re searching on the Internet.¬†For a quick example here is a Google Search for Time Magazine, on the cover being a picture of Mahatma.

Okay, so you are searching for let us say “notebooks” – just use Similar Images and it will filter images that are similar or related to notebook computers or paper notebooks, a pretty awesome feature.

If you are searching for anything randomly, let us give an example : a dress, by the way this is useful even for searching for the source of an image Рhere is the dress example see how useful is this option is.

With the recently updated Similar Images feature, now Similar Images include supporting sites and operators, too. Meaning that you can show only similar images available on a particular web or domain.

Use the operator to search for a specific picture that is on a website exactly like the guys at With the help of “Similar Images” option go ahead and find the image results you want.

Use the results of your search to find other pictures on that site that are possibly similar.

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