How To Control Windows 7 With Xbox 360 Kinect Technology


How To Control Windows 7 With Xbox 360  Kinect Technology

I am sure that people at Microsoft didn’t imagine how far their Kinect project will go. People have managed to hack this device in such a way that you will be able to use it even with Sony’s Play Station 3. And we all smiled when Google managed to make a fool out of us by saying on April 1st they managed to make Kinect work with their Gmail type, but a few days after we all seen that with the right thinking this can be done.

Kinect Xbox 360

The people at Evoluce managed to make this motion sensor thingy work on Windows 7. With other words, you will control your OS with just some nice gestures. The mouse and keyboard have become old school now. Although we are still in the testing phase of the project there is enough time for this to become a real deal.

All you need to do is connecting the Xbox Kinect sensor in your PC and run a session of WIN&I control to master the Windows 7 settings. Here is a video that will explain just how to do things!

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