How To Appear Invisible To Friends In Facebook Chat


How To Appear Invisible To Friends In Facebook Chat

Most of you who have used Facebook for some time now have figured out how to use the built-in instant messenger. With this little tool you are able to speak with online friends that are log in their Facebook accounts at the same time as you. But there will be some times when you would want to hide your online status from certain people.

This can be done very easily by creating a custom list in Facebook and then simply set the offline status to those persons inside it. This list may include as many friends as you wish. Notice that at every time you can change the status and once more be online for them. So, here is how things are done to accomplish this:

  1. Open your desired browser and go to the Facebook page. Log-in with your personal “Email” and password (they are located in the top-right corner). Click on the Log-in button.

  2. On the left side of the web page there is the “Friend” list. Click it!

  3. Click on the “Edit Friends” button that is located at the top of the page. Now simply create a list by clicking the “Create List” button. A box dialog will appear named “Create New List”.

  4. Now enter “Blocked on Chat” in the “Enter a Name” field.

  5. Simply scroll down the friend list and click on those you want to add to the block list. Simply click and create a list with “”Create List””.

  6. Click on the chat bar that is located in the bottom right corner in your Facebook page. This will open the chat list. This will show you a list of online friends with who you can chat and see you at the same time.

  7. Now click the “Friend List” drop down menu and select from there the “Blocked on Chat” list.

  8. There is a green slider. Hover over it and notice the cursor will read “Go Offline”. Click it and notice it will turn gray. By doing so you will appear offline to the friends in the list.

Now, it was about time someone told you how to stop all those nasty friends from bugging you again and again.

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