How To Downgrade / Upgrade Windows 7 Enterprise To / From Home Premium, Professional, And Ultimate


How To Downgrade / Upgrade Windows 7 Enterprise To / From Home Premium, Professional, And Ultimate

If you have a company, an enterprise or a corporation, you must know that Windows 7 comes with a special edition and that edition is called Windows 7 Enterprise. This is a special version for a company because comes with volume licensing agreements. Typical Windows 7 Enterprise is installed on business PC’s. It is very important to know that Windows 7 Enterprise can be activated by only two methods: KMS or MAK product key. Are two unusual methods because the normal PC’s are activating by using retail product key or by OEM activation, or even using the Windows 7 crack.

If you have Windows 7 Enterprise, and if you want to upgrade or downgrade, from Enterprise version to other Windows 7 edition, like Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Professional or even Windows 7 Home Premium, the only way(an official way by Microsoft) is to reinstall the desired Windows 7, but is the option is available will force the user to clean install the existing installation and to format.

Because at re-installation, the user can delete all important data and all installed software applications, this is not a workable way for all people that want to switch from Windows 7 Enterprise to other Windows 7 version.

If you want to downgrade your Enterprise version to versions like: Professional, Home Premium or Ultimate, you can follow this steps.

Here are the steps for How To Downgrade Windows 7 Enterprise to Windows 7 Home Premium, to Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate:

  1. First you must to download a tool, Windows Downgrader tool.

  2. Now you must run the Windows Downgrader tool, but like as administrator.

  3. And here you must to choose the edition that you want to downgrade.

  4. After you choose the edition, close the Windows Downgrader tool.

  5. Now you must to mount on a virtual drive a Windows 7 installation ISO file or you can insert Windows DVD in your DVD, but the eligibleversion must to be the same from the step 3, when you chose one.

  6. You must to run the Windows 7 Setup wizard and then select Install. When you will be prompted, click on Upgrade button.

  7. And finally you must continue with the usual Windows 7 installation, and now Windows will downgrade or upgrade you computer from Windows 7 Enterprise to your selected Windows 7.

This method is also for a downgrade from a higher edition to a lower edition, like: from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 7 Professional or from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 7 Home Premium edition. But if you want to upgrade your version, you must open Windows Anytime Upgrade.

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