How To Save Tabs And Panorama In Firefox 4


How To Save Tabs And Panorama In Firefox 4

Although there are a lot of people saying bad things about Firefox 4 I love it. There are so many new and improve features that give this browser a new look and feeling. For example let’s see what we know about the tab grouping tool named Panorama. You can access this thing by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+E shortcuts. There were some rumors at one point that when Firefox 4 will be released this will be left out. Thanks God this didn’t happen!

Firefox Save Tabs

If you are already familiar with Firefox 4 and Panorama you probably noticed by now that Mozilla’s browser won’t always save your tab grouping when closing the browser. This could prove to be a little nasty especially if you have spent a lot of time setting up the perfect groups. This is somehow related to the “Save and quit” dialog box that appears; enabling the Panorama tab group saving is in fact another way of re-enabling the save and quit dialog box that pops up.

Here are the steps for you to achieve perfection when handling Firefox 4.

  1. Open the web browser

  2. Open a new tab and enter the about:config phrase in the address bar.

  3. A warning will appear. Simply type quit into the filter box.

  4. Now double click the browser.showQuitWarning. This will change its value from false to true.

  5. Now enjoy a nice feature Mozilla Firefox 4 has to offer.

Saving tabs and groups has never been easier!

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