How To Schedule Facebook Status Updates With TweetDeck, HootSuite, Su.Pr, LaterBro or Social Tomorrow


How To Schedule Facebook Status Updates With TweetDeck, HootSuite, Su.Pr, LaterBro or Social Tomorrow

All of you know that Facebook have until now over 600 million users worldwide. On Facebook you can talk with friend or with your family, to upload your personal pictures and also if you have a company or you are a public person you can make an account for your clients or for your fans.

Also on Facebook are a lot of applications, free applications that help you to have fun. I will present you five free Facebook apps to schedule Facebook status updates. With these Facebook applications you can specify the time when your updates should be post on your Facebook Wall.

  1. TweetDeck is the first free Facebook application that will schedule your status updates for Facebook, but also for your Twitter account. The app have a widget form, don’t occupy a lot of space from your hard disk and it is very easy to set. With this app you easy schedule your updates for future dates. You can use free the app and you can post an update for some time in the future. If you want to give birthday messages for your friends or if you want to be prompt to post the status for an event you may use this app. This free application have all the important features that you could want to manage your social networks. You don’t have a character limit(even if you use it on Twitter).

  2. HootSuite is the second free Facebook app that help you to schedule your Facebook updates to the future date. With the free version of this app, you can add up to five social profiles. The application is totally web-based, so you don’t need to download any software, you must sing up and start using the program. You can use the app to schedule your Facebook updates after the registration process is ready(takes almost one minute). You can access very easy this application. You must to type your status updates by choosing data in the status bar and after that you will be able to notice a schedule message tab. When the message is posted the program will send you an email. If the free version allow you to enter up to five social profiles, you can add your Facebook profile, your Twitter profile and other three social profiles. To monitor your basic info about your social profile( ClickStatus or ReTweets), you have a free analytics feature.

  3. Su.Pr is another free application, an online service from Stumbleupon. All do you must to do is to sign for a free account to get access. You will be able to date your status updates for a particular date and time. To integrate in Facebook and Twitter accounts without fail, this easy application will send your scheduled updates to you. So, you will never forget your important updates and your important posts that you want to tell on correct time. In this app is a box for wish to send your update to Facebook or Twitter. If you want to update both Twitter and Facebook with same messages check on both.

  4. LaterBro is also a free app that schedules your Facebook updates. It is very easy application and you don’t need to save your passwords, because this program will take automatically the authorization from Facebook and Twitter account. This is a plus, because you don’t need to enter every time the username and the password. So, this app will schedule your important messages and you be unable to forget about it and also manage your scheduled posts. If you get this free app you must to set your time zone to send your messages and your posts right on time. To write your messages, in the mid of the screen there is a white text box. In this app you can also cancel or edit your posts. Also you can add a Facebook and a Twitter account.

  5. Social Tomorrow is the fifth free app which help you to schedule or delay your status updates and your post on Facebook. This app is for the Facebook fans and with it you can schedule ten status updates in a month. Like HootSuite, this app don’t need to be downloaded, because you can sign in for the free account and then you can use it. Into the text box enter your message and schedule the update at a future date. You can also delete your schedule messages for your convenience. To see the list of the messages scheduled by you along with the date you have a table in the bottom of the app. The free application will allow you to plan your wall posts and your status updates for future date and time, and also to manage your fan pages and your wall posts.

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