How To Create A Map Using Google Maps


How To Create A Map Using Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most used application of the giant search engine. But few of us know about the “My Maps” feature of the¬†application. “My Maps” feature helps you set placemarks and locations, driving routes, and a couple of more features we will talk about in this article. But remember that you must have a Google account in order to be able to use “My Maps.” An account is needed because that’s the place where the maps are saved to.

“My Maps” feature also allows you to return to your customized map and edit it whenever you want to, and even make it public, so others can see it.

But let’s see how you can create a map using Google Maps:

  1. In your browser go to Google Maps. Make sure you are signed in to your Google Account. If you don’t have one, sign up and create one, it’s free. Go to “My Maps” tab, then click on the “Create a new map” button. If this is the first map you are creating, which probably is if you are reading this article, click the “Get Started” button.

  2. Choose a title and a description for your map then type them in the respective boxes. After choosing your map to be whether “Public” or “Unlisted,” by clicking the radio button next to either one of them, click “Save.”

  3. By clicking the “Placemark” button (located in the upper-left corner of the map), you will be able to label a location you choose. After choosing the respective location you can add titles and description to your “Placemark.” You will also be able to change the shape or the color of the icon by simply clicking the “Placemark” button in the newly opened window. When finished, click “OK.”

  4. Click on the “Line” then go to “Draw a line” into the drop-down menu. Choose a starting point by clicking on the map, then click along streets (or landmarks) to set your route. When you want to end the line, double-click on the final location. Add title and description in the¬†”Title” and “Description” boxes.

  5. Click the “Draw a shape button” filed under the “Line” drop-down menu to draw a shape. Click anywhere on the map, then use the mouse for drawing the shape you desire. Double-click to end drawing shape.¬†Add title and description in the¬†”Title” and “Description” boxes.

  6. Click “Placemark” icon. When the “Title” box appears, click the “Rich Text” tab, then click the “Insert Image” button. Enter picture’s URL and click “OK.”

  7. If you want to see the map in satellite view, click the “Satellite” button in the upper-right corner of the map.

  8. When map editing is finished, click the “Done” button under the “My Map” section.

That’s almost all you have to know about “My Maps” feature of Google Maps. Enjoy!

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