How To Read PDF eBooks On Apple iPad And iPad 2


How To Read PDF eBooks On Apple iPad And iPad 2

The guys from Apple have a very intelligent tablet, a tablet that can be able of handling numerous tasks, browsing the web, playing music, playing videos, running thousands of applications and also displaying eBooks and magazines. If you download books in PDF format, you will be able to read them on Apple iPad and iPad 2 by using the official iBooks application.

Here are the steps for How To Read PDF E-books On Apple iPad And iPad 2:

First you must to install iBooks:

  1. Tap “App Store” from your iPad home screen to open App Store.

  2. Into the search box enter iBooks and them press “Search”.

  3. Now you must to press “Free” button on iBooks page, and then press “Install” button to download and install iBooks in your iPad.

And now you must to transfer PDF files in iBooks on your iPad:

  1. First you must to click “Start” button and then select “Computer”.

  2. Now you must to go to the folder where you saved your PDF eBooks.

  3. Click “Start” type iTunes to open the iTunes program.

  4. Now, by using your mouse, you must drag your PDF eBooks on the top of iTunes. This step will add your eBooks in iTunes library.

  5. By using the included USB cable, connect your iPad or iPad 2 to your computer.

  6. After your computer recognize your device, click on iPad device, under the “Device” section.

  7. And now, open the “Books” tab and check the “Sync Books” box.

  8. Finally you must to click to the “Sync” button at the bottom of iTunes screen. And now, iTunes will synchronize your PDF eBooks to the iBooks application and here you can read them.

How To Read PDF E-books On Apple iPad And iPad 2

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