How To Hack And Become A Hacker


How To Hack And Become A Hacker

Reading this article doesn’t necessary mean that you will learn how to hack someone else’s system, as hacking can be difficult, also there are many different ways to hack and a lot of exploits that you can use.

Please be advised that hacking into someone else’s system may be illegal, so do it only if you are sure that it’s worth and you can not get caught or if you have permission from system owner you are trying to hack.

In the good old days hacking was used by guys trying to learn new things about computing and systems, but in recent years all this gets a more mercantile connotation and in general has been looked down upon due to a lot of fair arguments. But not of the less, there are a lot of corporations that these days employ hackers to test the weaknesses or the strengths of their own systems.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that a cracker is a hacker, a cracker is someone who ” cracks ” software distributions like windows and other software or applications, this person is motivated by financial gain, a hacker is mainly motivated by knowledge gain through exploration, and more frequently they are trying to prove to others and to themselves that they can “do” better than the admin of the systems they have hacked.

Use The Following Steps:
  1. You gonna have to use a *nix terminal for commands like Cygwin which is going to emulate this for Windows users. Note that DOS is absolutely useless in this area. Nmap is using WinPCap to run on Windows systems and it doesn’t require Cygwin, but unfortunately Nmap works very badly on Windows systems because of the lack of raw sockets. It is recommended to use a more reliable and flexible operating system like Linux and BSD as most Linux distributions come with many pre-installed tools that come very handy when required.

  2. You have to completely understand all the techniques, and very importantly how to protect yourself, for the beginning start with the basics, find a server that hosts a site about racism, or other bad activities, and hack it anyway you can. By any means, do not change the site, just make it yours.

  3. Consider yourself a hunter, gather information about your target, this process is known as enumeration. Focus on reaching the remote system, use the ping utility, as it is included in most operating systems and see if your target is alive. Do not always trust the results of the ping utility because as you may already know it relies on the ICMP protocol. Paranoid system administrators have the means to easily shut off the ICMP protocol.

  4. It is very important to determine and gain access to the operating system your target is using, this mean that you have to run a scan of the ports, for this task try “nmap”, or pOf. This will tell you even what type of firewell or router they are using, allowing you to plan a course of action, and more importantly it will show you the Operating System and the ports on the machine that your target is using and finally it allows you to activate Operating System detection in nmap by using the O switch.

  5. If you are targeting a *nix machine, try to obtain administrator privileges or root privileges if taking Windows systems. Whenever you need to see all the files on a computer you will need super user privileges as most of the vital information are protected and requires some level of authentication to get it. This super user is a user account with the same privileges as the root user in BSD and Linux OS. In case you are dealing with Windows this is the Administrator account, and for router this is the admin account by default, if it has not been previously changed. Keep in your mind that only a administrator account, super user or the root account can give you the full access and not simply an access to a connection.

  6. And finally once you have gained complete control over a machine, do not forget to create a backdoor so you can come back whenever you want.

Tips On How To Improve Your Skills:

Always improve your self, so read books regarding TCP/IP networking, as hackers were those that helped built the Internet, helped creating open source software and developed Linux. There are a lot of safe training grounds available for anyone, but you won’t become near “medium” if you will not start doing some illegal stuff. Always keep in mind that you won’t become somebody if you will not access real things on some real systems, and in the same time deal with the risk of getting caught.

Use this article only for its informative character, and use for ethical purposes, because misuse of the information presented here may cause a local or a federal crime. Also act with extreme care when you think you found a very easy crack or a mistake in a security management, as security professionals that are protecting those systems may try to track you or may be setting up a honeypot.

In the first place learn how to program very well, never do anything for fun, do not waste your talent on childish actions and again do not change anything in the system to mark as owned, it is silly and you draw attention to your self.

Here Are The Things You’ll Need

You will need an IP scanner, and a computer with a connection to the Internet.

If you have a dream, and really want to bring your contribution into changing this world, use your knowledge to make a difference. Never act childish, knowing when to back down is a quality within itself.



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