How To Create A Hyperlink To A Facebook Friend’s Name


How To Create A Hyperlink To A Facebook Friend’s Name

Facebook is the best known networking website, specially created so users can create profiles, talk with friends and family, and also play flash-based games. This is the best place where you can upload pictures of yourself, share status updates and videos in the same time.

So the great news is that when you post on Facebook, you can also add a hyperlink to a friend’s profile. The persons that are viewing your post also have the possibility to view your friends profile if their privacy settings allow this. Check out below the instructions on how to hyperlink a friend on Facebook:

  1. Go to and log in to your account through your e-mail and password.

  2. Access your wall by clicking ‘Profile’.

  3. Under the ‘Status’ button, you will find a field.

  4. If you want a friend to appear as a hyperlink, just type an ‘@’ in front of the name, but do not leave space.

  5. After this procedure, the name will appear as a link, and to publish the post, click ‘Share’.


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