How To Use Your Amazon Cloud Drive Account Like A Windows Storage Folder


How To Use Your Amazon Cloud Drive Account Like A Windows Storage Folder

Find out that Amazon has introduced a new online file storage service named Cloud Drive, which allows users to store whatever files they want up to 5GB for free. If you feel limited and you need a little more space, you an always buy some more with just $1 per GB.

The great news is that Amazon is also providing users a desktop tool, based on Adobe AIR, which will search and find all MP3 stored on your desktop and upload them to Cloud Drive so you can listen to your music wherever you are.

On the other hand, if you want to upload other kind of files, such as pictures, documents, or folders, you can do that with the help of your browser. This could be a little tricky especially when you have files spread along your desktop and you have to search for them before the upload.

If you want to transform your Cloud Drive account into a ‘local drive’ you can use a free utility called Gladinet Starter that will allow users to find their online files from Windows Explorer. The new ‘virtual folder’ can be filled up with files and folders by simply dragging and dropping them.

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