How To Take A Screen Shot Of The Content In Mozilla Firefox


How To Take A Screen Shot Of The Content In Mozilla Firefox

There comes a time when you want to share information / details of what you’re looking at in your browser. The best choice is Mozilla Firefox which allows you to take a screenshot which can be shared at a later time.

This function can be used by the users for the purpose of keeping copies of important pages, banking statements or payment confirmations for personal records.

If taking a shot of the entire screen doesn’t help, Mozilla made an option to allow you take a screenshot only of the content in Mozilla Firefox.

Here you can find the few steps in order to learn how to use Firefox’s screenshot feature :

  1. Open a graphic program on your PC

  2. To open the Mozilla Firefox Web browser Double Click on Mozilla Firefox Web browser icon on the desktop or click “Start” ,”All Programs” and “Mozilla Firefox.”

  3. Search for the website you want to take a shot of but make sure you click an area within the Web page to make sure is active.

  4. In the upper right section of the keyboard you need to find “Print Screen” button. Now hold down the “Alt” key and click “Print Screen.”

  5. Release the “Alt” and “Print Screen” keys.

  6. Switch tabs to your already-opened graphic program, click the “Ctrl” and “V” keys at the same time in order to paste the shot in to the preferred graphic program.

Screen Shot In Mozilla Firefox

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