How To Hide The Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks Bar


How To Hide The Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks Bar

As you probably know by now, and I am sure that you are among the users of this great browser tweak. Well, I’m talking about the bookmarks bar, which provides fast access to your favorite websites. I’ll give you some nice tips on how to hide the bar in Firefox.

Let me remind that you that for Firefox 3, you can find a CSS plug-in that will automatically disable the bar for you. The great news is that now is available for Firefox 4 too@namespace url(;

#PersonalToolbar {
visibility: collapse !important;
opacity: 0.1;
-moz-transition: visibility 30s, opacity 30s ease !important;

#navigator-toolbox:hover #PersonalToolbar {
visibility: visible !important;
opacity: 9;
-moz-transition: visibility !important;

Now you have the option to either add this code to the .css file in your browser or simply install it as a Stylish script. After installation, you will notice that the bookmarks bar will fade out and after 30 seconds will disappear entirely.

Also keep in mind that you can shorten this 30 seconds interval, so the bar will disappear a bit faster. Immediately as you go with the mouse cursor over the toolbar, it will reappear.


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