How To Make Your Facebook Wall Viewable Only By Your Friends


How To Make Your Facebook Wall Viewable Only By Your Friends

Your friends can be updated now by sharing your ideas, pictures, favorite links and thoughts with Facebook’s help. Of course you don’t need all Internet users to have access to the information posted on your Facebook Wall.

The guys from Facebook are very sensitive about the subject of privacy therefore you can hide your Facebook details and keep them away from unwanted folks. Your Facebook Wall can be hidden from the people you don’t know and you can choose to show it only to your friends.

In order to make the Facebook Wall viewable only to friends, here are some few steps to help you “achieve” this:

  1. In the upper right corner find the “Account” button and select “Privacy Settings”.

  2. Go to the “Customize Settings” tab.

  3. Go to “Sharing on Facebook”.

  4. Find the “Post by me” in the section “Things I Share”.

  5. Go to the gray icon at the right end of line and select the button “Friends Only” in the drop-down menu.

  6. Click on the section “Things Others Share” now choose the option “Friends Only” for “Can see Wall posts by friends”.

  7. If you want to see how your new settings will look like, click “Preview My Profile”.

  8. In order to save the new settings go to the upper left corner of your Facebook and click on the Facebook logo.

Facebook Wall Viewable Only By Your Friends

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