How To Convert BIN / CUE Files Into ISO Files


How To Convert BIN / CUE Files Into ISO Files

There are two methods to storing the extracted information from a disc to a computer: the ISO files and the BIN/CUE pairs. The ISO files are the exact copy from a data stored on a disc, without no compression. And the second type, BIN and CUE are files that work similar, but it is a difference between ISO files: the information is split into two co-Dependant file. The CUE file is a directory of the raw data and a BIN file is the raw image with no structure.

Here are the steps for How To Convert The BIN / CUE File Into ISO Files:

  1. First you must to download Magic ISO software. This program will help you to open BIN and CUE files, and also to convert them in ISO files. Magic ISO is one of the easier way.

  2. After if you downloaded Magic ISO software, install it in your computer.

  3. Now you must to start Magic ISO and open Tools Menu where you must select the BIN to ISO option. Here you must select a source and output.

  4. Click on the folder icon and select as source your BIN or CUE file. You must select the file that you want to convert into ISO format.

  5. By clicking on the disk icon select a folder and a file name. At the end of the process here you will find the new ISO file.

  6. Finally you must click on the convert button. Depending by the size of the BIN or CUE file, the time could be big or small.

How To Convert BIN Or CUE Files Into ISO Files

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