How To Put My Twitter Status On Facebook?


How To Put My Twitter Status On Facebook?

If you have accounts on both Twitter and Facebook social networks, this article is going to learn you how to put your Twitter status on Facebook. You will be able to avoid placing the same message twice utilizing the official Facebook and Twitter app, this is going to let you selectively post your Twitter updates on your Facebook profile or page.

For those of you having accounts on both Facebook and Twitter, the thing is that you tend to have different friends and sometimes different habits for each of the social network.

Here Is How To Put Your Twitter Status On Facebook:
  1. You have to be logged into your Facebook account.

  2. Look for the Twitter application page and click the “Go to App” button located on top of the page.

  3. Now, click Allow button located on the Request for Permission screen, this gives Twitter the permission to update your Facebook page. At this step log in to your Twitter account.

  4. On the next page click Allow button, this will give Facebook permission to access your Twitter account.

  5. At this point type a new tweet on your preferred Twitter client or in your Twitter web interface, and at the end of the tweet type: #fb.

Pay attention, if you do not include #fb in your tweet, it will not be able to post to your Facebook account, enabling you choose which message is posted on both Facebook and Twitter. Have fun using both Twitter and Facebook.


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