How To Change Your Birthday In Facebook Profile


How To Change Your Birthday In Facebook Profile

This next “How To” will show to you how to change your birth year in Facebook. Being in fact a social site you realize the importance of people knowing your birthday and at the same time letting them now when that “Happy Birthday” phrase must be said. But on the other hand there is the need to protect your personal details from people who can use them one way or another for different purposes. So here is how you can change your birth date or even hide it from unwanted people.

  1. Log in your Facebook account.

  2. Notice that on the top-right corner there is the “Profile” button. Click it!

  3. A menu will appear from which you will need to choose the “Edit Profile” button.

  4. Search from the “birthday” field. Once you locate it notice that it contains drop-down boxes in which you will find the birth month, date and year.

  5. Now make the changes that are related to your wish (it doesn’t matter if what you insert in there is true or false).

  6. Now click the “Save Changes” button that you will find at the bottom of the screen.

This is both simple and effective. Who said anything about computer science?!

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