How To Create Columns In WordPress


How To Create Columns In WordPress

As I said, the WordPress platform comes with two versions.: the first one and the second one

The first one is a free hosted version, on the WordPress servers, but offers a limited functionality for new bloggers or for those who wants simple stylistic.

The second one,, also provides a free software, but the user must to have a purchased server space from a Web hosting company, where the soft can be installed. is very customizable thanks to the developers design plug-ins. The plug-ins can be used to create the multiple columns.

Here are the steps for How To Create Columns In WordPress:

  1. First you must go to, clik on Extend, and then Plugins. Now you must to download “Magazine Columns WordPress” plug-in and then you must to save the .zip file on your computer.

  2. Now you must to login in your WordPress account, click on Plugins and click on “Add new”. Here you can be able to upload the file that you saved in the first step in your computer. Now click on “Activate” button when a window appear on your screen, after the upload has successfully¬†completed.

  3. You can create columns into a page or post by simply insert this code: “<!-column->” where you want each column to begin or you can use the “Start Column” and “Stop Column” buttons, buttons that you can find in the top menu, of course in HTML view.

  4. And¬†finally¬†you must to preview your post, see if the columns are there where you want them, and then click on “Publish”

How To Create Columns In WordPress

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