How To Add A Website Sidebar To Your WordPress Template


How To Add A Website Sidebar To Your WordPress Template

In WordPress any content can be coded in to the sidebar.php file and will be called by the get_sidebar(). Sidebars can also be customized if needed. All contents to the left or right are sidebar of main content. In order to be compatible with widgets WordPress, sidebar includes codes. The theme of WordPress are expected to include one widgetized sidebar.

  • If the “sidebar.php” does not exist on your theme, you need to create one. The side bar will need you to add codes needed in to the containers such as : <div> or <section>.

  • Now save the file. check the code written down and open your “index.php”

  • Here is the code : <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

  • Where do you want the sidebar to appear ? Add the code if not present in order for the sidebar to appear. In case of styling use CSS. Visit your WordPress blog to see if the new sidebar works correctly.

  • In order to Widgetize your sidebar here add this :

  • The code needs to go in the “sidebar.php”. Add template tags such as In order to finish type

  • Create the “functions.php”. To the end or beginning of this file add this code :

  • Your theme is widget-ready because of the code

  • Check the default template tags to see if your sidebar works reload you WordPress to. Click on “Appearance” and the “Widgets” you will find it in the left-hand menu. Visit your WordPress again and drag and drop widgets in to the sidebar from within the dashboard. See if that only the added widgets are now showing.

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