How To Fix / Repair Your Bricked Windows Phone 7


How To Fix / Repair Your Bricked Windows Phone 7

Meanwhile, Microsoft announced all users that haven’t yet made the update, to have a little patience while they are trying to come with a fix. Now let me ask you if you are among those who already update their phones?

The great news is that Neowin Forum-goer Norseman posted a great guide so you can repair your bricked Windows Phone 7, so give it a try. Check out below the steps you have to accomplish:

  • Plug-in ¬†your Windows Phone 7 smartphone to a outlet ( not your computer )

  • Turn the power off

  • Now you have to turn your device back on but keep in mind that you have to press and hold the power, camera and volume

  • Keep them pressed until your device enters ‘download mode’

  • Now your smartphone will automatically re-download and install the OS ( OTA )

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