How To Make Private Your Wish List On


How To Make Private Your Wish List On

Your wish is my command! Most of you probably have an Amazon account. Then you probably already know you can elect to add items to your “Wish List” while you browse through different Amazon products. Also you can use that wish list on to let people know what kind of things you love and want and who knows, maybe that PS3 console will come this birthday after all.

But there will also be some persons that will want to have the wish list private. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Visit (obvious if you ask me). Login with the email and password into your Amazon account.

  2. Go and click “Gifts and Wish Lists”, an option that you will find at the top of your Amazon page. Under the “Browse” panel there is the “Your Wish List” option. This is located on the left side of your page.

  3. From there, select “Change Settings”. Now click the “Make the list private” option. Click the “Save” button now.

  4. A banner should appear in which you will be notified that the wish list is now private.

I for once will let my wish list visible to all. Who knows maybe some long uncle or aunt will want to make a nice surprise sometime.

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