How To Delete A Website From A Computer


How To Delete A Website From A Computer

You must click on Windows “Start” button on your web host server. You can delete the remote web host’s website, of course you must have the administration password. Then type the “Run” button, type “cmd” and press Enter. Now the Windows line utility opens.

  • Now, type¬†”cd %systemroot%system32″ and then press Enter. This command will move the command prompt focus to your server system directory.

  • Now you must type the following statement in the command line:¬†iisweb /delete WebSite website_name /s Computer /u User /p Pass. But you must replace some words from the statement: “website_name” with the website name on the server. Then replace “Computer” with the web host name. The “pass’ and the “user” parameters are the password and the administrator user name. You only need to specify a password and a username if you are deleting a web site form a remote computer.

  • The final command is to type “Enter”. The command will remove the web site from the computer. You will receive a “Success” message that tells you that the deletion is finished. Close the command line utility window.

  • How To Delete A Website From A Computer

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