How To Unlike / Stop Being Fan Of A Facebook Page


How To Unlike / Stop Being Fan Of A Facebook Page

Everyone of us know that Facebook is a social media platform that allows to the users to have an account, an account where they can share pictures, informations and their activity. But also allows to the public people to make an account where can share their events, causes or other purpose. If you want to become a friend with a public person you could click on “Like” button and then you will receive a lot of activities of this person. Some time ago, the “Like” button was called “Became a Fan”. Of course you can easy “Unlike” a fan page.

Here are the steps for How To Unlike / Stop Being Fan Of A Facebook Page:

  1. First you must to login to your Facebook account and click on your name from upper-left corner. Now you are on your profile home page.

  2. In the left column click on the “Info” tab.

  3. Now you must to go down, under your profile informations, to see all the pages that you have indicated with “Like”.You will see the general categories that Facebook groups, like:¬†Movies, Interests and Activities and¬†Arts & Entertainment.

  4. You must find the page that you like to stop being listed as a fan. Now you must click on “More”, because Facebook lists only your five top fan pages for each category.

  5. Now click on the name of the page that you want to navigate.

  6. The final step is to click on “Unlike” button from the left-lower column. Instantly Facebook will remove you from being o fan of that page.

How To Unlike Or Stop Being Fan Of A Facebook Page

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