How To Remove Toolbar And History Settings In Microsoft Internet Explorer


How To Remove Toolbar And History Settings In Microsoft Internet Explorer

The one thing I like about Internet Explorer is the fact that it allows you to customize things like the toolbar and the history settings. For example you will be able to completely remove the toolbar and so have a nice big space for some full web pages. In the history settings case this function will allow you to pop up in the address text box search results you have already used or searched for.

But there will be a moment when you would like to remove all those things. Moments like selling your computer and you wouldn’t want a stranger to have access to personal information like visited web pages. Here are the few steps that will ensure this won’t happen:

  1. Click on the Windows “Start” button. There type “internet explorer” into the search box.

  2. Press “Enter” and access your Microsoft web browser

  3. Simply click “Tools” in the toolbar. From there click on the “Internet Options” menu. By doing so you will open a properties window. From there click on the “Content” tab that you will find on the top.

  4. Notice there is the “Settings” option. Click it! Pressing the “AutoComplete” option will let you take action on several aspects of the history in your browser. Things like forms, address text box and search history.

  5. Notice there is a check mark near the “Address Bar” label. Remove it and afterwards press the “OK” button. Click the “OK” button you will find in the properties window, thing that will allow you to close the window.

  6. Now click the “Tools” option one more time. Make another selection of the “Toolbars” option. Here you will notice there is a list of toolbar options. Notice that the ones that are checked are the ones that are active. To disable “Favorites” simply remove the check mark from this feature and all is done.

Now the privacy thing won’t be an issue. So sell that junk and buy a real deal!

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