What Is The .DCD File Extension ?


What Is The .DCD File Extension ?

The file extension makes part of a computer file name after the dot (“.”) In the same file there are different applications, that’s because there is no international control over them.

Document Content Description

The file Document Content Description has a DCD file extension, with a plain text file that is part of the definition of an XML document. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. The World Wide Web Consortium promotes and develops XML for the alternative to HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). The common language used for creating Web pages and XML is HTML and is proposed as an improvement on HTML technology. The role of DCD file is to define the variables plus data types of an associated XML file.


FORTRAN is the best language option for mathematical and scientific apps. Data files and programming conventions are given the DCD file extension.


Inmos has designed and manufactured the transputer which consists of a microprocessor with serial communication links and integrated memory. The transputer was produced in the ’80s for parallel computing.


This is a dead file encryption software developed by Computer Security Technologies and it was used to encrypt as well as archive files, directories, as well as an entire HDD. The .DCD file was used to encrypt a database with a password.


In a DCD file you will find stored a DesignCAD drawing. Produced by IMSI/Design, DesignCAD is and architectural and engineering drawing package. DesignCAD’s packages are based on TurboCAD whit enabling production of two-dimensional and three-dimensional plans and the specifications.


An phdcc product that was produced by a British company for websites. With the amazing facility to store websites on a CD for sales presentations without Internet access,
the Dynamic-CD-Wizard is one of the elements of Dynamic-CD. The DCD file extension includes the Wizard among various files.

DCD File Extension

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