How To Create A Website With WordPress


How To Create A Website With WordPress

First you must to create an account at, using the desired URL . This step will create a free WordPress site. But if you want to use a custom URL, such, you must register your unique URL and create a hosting account to a private web host company. You must to choose a company that provides a one-touch installation for the WordPress database if you are not a specialist in programming.

  • After you have an account to a web host company, you will receive in your e-mail all instructions to login at WordPress to build your site. In e-mail you will receive the passwords to enter into account for the first time and you will be enable to edit them to access the administration panel. If you have an auto host WordPress database, follow your web host instructions to install WordPress on your server.

  • Now you must to access the Dashboard if you’ve logged into your website. Here you will be able to go to the Settings section and you can adjust the General Settings, like time zone, your site title, your tagline or you can change your e-mail address . The Settings panel keeps most of technical aspects of the site, like comments, language options or privacy tools.

  • If you want to change your theme you must to go on the Appearance section, where you can choose the themes link. You must to search a theme even on Choose a theme that reflects the purpose and the message of your web site. You can easy activate the chosen theme by simple click on Activate button. Of course you can preview the theme or even you can delete it.

  • If you want to upload images to the site you must use the Media section. The sites hosted by WordPress will have limitations to the themes edit, and this is a primary reason that a lot of guys choose the auto host WordPress site on an independent URL.

  • Now you can start to add posts from Post section and Add New. The main WordPress site content are the posts, that are usually associated with a category. You can create a category at anytime, but will help you if you create them before you begin to posting. If a post is placed in a category, the category will appear in the navigation theme options. My advice is to buy a theme, because if you have problems, the Themes designers will help you at anytime. Also in Post section you can add or edit Categories.

  • Click on Dashboard to view in WordPress your website. Any adjustments of the site happen in real time, meaning that any visitor can see your revisions. Keep going to make adjustments to your website and continue to post your content to fill your WordPress site.

  • How To Create A Website With WordPress

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