How To Make Private / Invisible / Hide Categories In A WordPress Website


How To Make Private / Invisible / Hide Categories In A WordPress Website

If you are a WordPress use, you probably know that the categories help you a lot when it comes to organizing your website. Organizing your website using the categories feature also helps your readers to navigate easier through the contents of your blog / website, making a lot more easier for them to find the articles that fit their needs.

But some of you might want to hide some WordPress categories, so let’s see how it’s done:

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin account using your username and password.

  2. In the “Posts” tab you should be able to see the “Categories” menu. Click it, and this will open a list of all the categories of your website.

  3. Click the category you want to hide / make private / invisible then remember the category’s ID number (you will find it in the URL at the top of the page – “ID=”).

  4. Click the “Appearance” menu of WordPress then click “Editor” button, so you will be able to change your website’s code. In the right sidebar of the “Editor” menu, you should be able to find the “Sidebar” button and click it.

  5. Look for “.” code. After finding it, enter “&exclude=categoryIDnumber”. If you want more than one category to be hidden simply separate the desired categories ID numbers by commas.

  6. For saving the changes just click the “Update File” button.

  7. Remember to go to your webpage and see if the categories were hidden, if not go back to the code and check what you did wrong.

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